We are…

  • Parents who refuse to stop searching for a brighter future for our children
  • Believers

We believe…

  • With God’s help, our children can accomplish more than even we expect
  • Hard work pays off
  • Our children are whole human beings who deserve the opportunity to achieve independence
  • Our hopes for our children are within our reach, rather than just in our dreams.

We believe in the innate sense of a child to want to be a child.

About The Jackson Center

The Jackson Center for Conductive Education was founded by the DePoy family in 2005 and named for their son Jackson, who has cerebral palsy. The Jackson Center is the only Conductive Education program in Indiana.

Like so many families of children with motor challenges, the DePoys wanted to do everything possible to help maximize their son Jackson’s potential.  

They learned about Conductive Education from an episode of “60 Minutes” and decided to do some research. Conductive Education is a system of learning that improves motor skills to help children develop purposeful movement that leads to more independence in daily life activities.

The DePoys decided they had to try it for Jackson. That summer, at age 3, Jackson participated in a six-week session at The Center for Independence through Conductive Education in Chicago—the closest Conductive Education center to Indiana.

Jackson blossomed from his experience with Conductive Education, and the DePoys recognized that other Hoosier families could benefit, too. They began raising funds to open a Conductive Education center closer to home, and less than one year later, the Jackson Center opened and began serving children from throughout central Indiana.