The Jackson Center offers classes in sessions throughout the year. Classes last 3 hours and occur two or three times per week.

Participants are screened for placement in classes based upon their age and ability. This enables peer interaction that creates an optimal environment for learning and facilitates motivation and socialization. The Jackson Center primarily serves children from six months of age through the teens, and on a limited basis accepts adult enrollment.

The Jackson Center also offers an academic program, led by a state-certified teacher. The education program allows children to learn in a small group environment enhanced by the assistance of a one-to-one aide. Students work toward the achievement of age-appropriate education standards identified in collaboration with their parents and home school district.

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Summer Camp

The Jackson Center also operates a six-week summer camp, offering the opportunity for kids with motor disabilities to experience summer like other children do, while continuing vital therapy. And, it’s fun!

At the Jackson Center Summer Camp:

  • Participants are placed in groups with children of similar age and ability.
  • We explore community activities to practice the skills we work on in the classroom.
  • Participants can continue pursuing individual educational curriculum goals from their Individualized Education Plan.