Parent Testimonials

“We love the Jackson Center for everything they do for our daughter and family. It’s so much more than a therapy session. You have people who truly care so much for you and your child. They are a shoulder to cry on, a place of resources and information, and a network of special needs parents and therapists.

Bella’s Mom

“The Jackson Center gives our family hope and shows us we are not alone in our journey.”

Benjamin’s Mom

“The staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient. We feel like we’re finally ‘home’ and they gave us hope when we needed it the most.”

Madison’s Mom

“The Jackson Center is a wonderful community of individuals going through the same thing that you can celebrate, cry, and grow with. It is every bit the definition of support and guidance to our family.”

Preston’s Mom

“We are so lucky to have a place like the Jackson Center within driving distance, even if it is two hours round-trip! It feels like the first place where Ryan really fits in.”

Ryan’s Mom

“The Jackson Center means family and hope. We can’t imagine Rylan’s life without the Jackson Center.”

Rylan’s Mom